Heya @everyone we’re going to try doing our first two community events this month.

The first event will be in San Francisco Sunday 11th at 6pm at “The Interval” (a steampunk coffeshop/teahouse/bar/library/museum run by The Long Now Foundation; “a nonprofit encouraging imagination at the timescale of civilization”)

Please RSVP here. Space will be limited, so the event is meant current MJ subscribers only. https://partiful.com/e/5LzaZOgH0FEu5PkKQ4gy

The second event will be in Tokyo. Exact date/time being finalized asap (likely December 27th). This would be a large event/venue in honor of our launch of NijiJourney (our Japan & Anime focused community).

Places we are considering next for events in 2023: Amsterdam, New York City, Berlin, London

We plan to give more head notice for future events.

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