2022 December 10 – Announcement

2022 December 10 - Announcement

Heya @everyone we’re announcing two major updates to the in-person community events this month: SAN FRANCISCO EVENT UPDATE: —————————————– – The SF event has 4x the number of RSVPs than space right now, so we’re changing things up! – We are grabbing “The Interval” for the entire day and night, from 3pm to 11pm and […]

2022 December 08 – Announcement

2022 December 08 - Announcement

Heya @everyone we’re going to try doing our first two community events this month. The first event will be in San Francisco Sunday 11th at 6pm at “The Interval” (a steampunk coffeshop/teahouse/bar/library/museum run by The Long Now Foundation; “a nonprofit encouraging imagination at the timescale of civilization”) Please RSVP here. Space will be limited, so […]

2022 December 01 – Announcement

2022 December 01 - Announcement

Heya @everyone we’re releasing a small update tonight: New Features 1) V4 now supports –style and –stylize a) The –stylize arg lets you change the strength of our ‘default styling’ – You can take it from a value of 0 to 1000 (default is 100) – If you set –stylize 0 you may have worse […]