The 80s and 90s were a time of unique music and fashion. From the new wave of synth-pop to the country music revival of the 90s, it was an era of groundbreaking music. For many music fans, these decades defined the sound of popular music.

Now, thanks to Mid Journey AI, a new generation of music fans can experience the 80s and 90s music in a new way. Mid Journey AI has created a toddler version of 80s and 90s artists, allowing young fans to listen to and enjoy their favorite music in a much more age-appropriate format.

The toddler-friendly versions of these classic artists feature bright, cheerful beats and simplified lyrics that are easier for young children to understand. Mid Journey AI has taken songs from some of the most iconic artists of the era, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince, and remixed them to create versions that are perfect for little ears.

In addition to the toddler-friendly versions of these classic artists, Mid Journey AI has also created original songs for younger fans to enjoy. These songs feature fun, upbeat beats and positive messages that are sure to make kids smile.

Credit: Sirathut Mahadumrongkul

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